5 Types Of Blouse To Wear With Designer Sarees Which Will Rule 2k16

This is 2016, and it is time to change your wardrobe to something new and exciting. Being a woman, it is taken that you would love saree. But, wait! What about the blouse?

Take a moment and plan a different blouse for your designer saree and shine in the crowd.

We have stepped in a time when blouses are very much in demand, more than sarees. Even if you sport a casual chiffon saree, you need to a have an embroidered blouse to team it up with. And, not only this, if you are a modish person, then you would like to team up every saree with different types of a blouse.

So, at first, let’s check out the basic 8 types of necklines that are doing the rounds.

Here is the list of 8 different types of blouses:
1. Jewel Neckline
2. V-shaped
3. U-shaped
4. Square shaped
5. Scoop shaped
6. Boat shaped
7. Halter neck
8. Sweetheart’s neck.

Before, the situation would be so that among these 8 types, the usual types were chosen as the favourite by the women. And, those were without a guess, the U-shaped, squares and scoop-shaped. To the maximum if the girl gang would dare to try to something new, it would be the sweetheart’s neck. Even, this style has become a common one for a long time.

It’s time to try something daring and different that would make you look bold and beautiful, enigmatic and subtle. Are you ready to explore some new styles of blouse for your Fashion Saree Products that you bought Online?

Here are the 5 new trends of blouses that would rule 2016:

  • Boat Neck Saree Blouse:

The boat neck is the next big thing in the saree world. You can have a boat blouse for chiffon, or a classic formal saree, or even a net saree for parties. The wide neckline makes your collar bone and since it runs horizontally front and back, across the collarbones and hence gives out a perfectly statured look.

Generally, the sleeves are longer, though it wouldn’t be a bad choice to go for a shorter sleeve as well.

Boat Neck Saree Blouse
  • Halter neck blouse:

This is an ultimate blouse design for those who have bought sleek Designer Saree from Online and wish to style it in an ultra-modern way. With deep V-neck in front, this type of blouse hardly have any shoulder, and hence, the saree has to be light and pinned right at the back.

If the saree is heavy then either it has high chances of falling off the shoulder or getting torn. So, think and decide on your saree.

Halter Neck Blouse
  • Full Sleeves Blouse:

Full sleeves are no longer to be kept for the winters. Look at the amazing style that the picture flaunts, do you wish to the same for yourself?

Full Sleeves Blouse

A full sleeve blouse not only gives you the charismatic look but also makes you look leaner and taller as overall appearance.

Full Sleeves Blouse
  • Collar and Buttoned Blouse:

Flap collars or any other collar, there are many types of collars present which can be well suited with different types of sarees.

Nowadays, girls are trying to make the collars with buttoned back using the net as the fabric. Wearing a blouse of such manner would only create awe when you walk in.

Collar and Buttoned Blouse
  • Key Hole Blouse:

Remember the song, “choli k peeche kya hai” from Khalnayak? The blouse took all us into awe. That style has been ruling since then, but, with a difference. It is called the keyhole blouse. The back of the blouse is widely cut and at times buttoned at the top, making a drop shape, or at times left open with a pair of thread and latkan to add glamour to the outfit.

Key Hole Blouse

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Dazzle, you Queen!

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