In psychology, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happy mental states may reflect judgments by a person about their overall well-being

According to research 90% of our happiness is predicted by the way brain processes the world and 75% of our job success is predicted by our optimism and social support.

According to Shawn anchor, who is psychologist by profession and an author of famous book” The happiness Advantage: The seven principles that fuel success and performance at Work”

Happiness is fuel to success

Happiness is linked with positive thinking. Positive thinking creates a positive attitude in our self which fuels our mind to be productive.

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

Happiness is a choice. No matter in which situation you are, what are the circumstances you still find the way to be stay happy by being positive you can be positive and hopeful by following ways:

1. We should always see adversity as opportunities.

2. As emotions are contagious, we should always be positive because people will more positive when you are positive.

3. Positive attitude is decision not the results.

I myself sometimes feels depressed, stressful and unimportant but there are some tools by which we can get rid of negative and less positive thoughts and divert our attention towards positivity and optimistic.

· Gratitude

· Journaling

· Exercise

· Medication

· Random acts of kindness

Gratitude means to show others how much you valve their support, help and efforts towards yourself. Journaling means to write down whatever comes in mind. Exercise to go out and workout in fresh air to stay calm and get energy. Medication means to breath in and out air which relaxes your mind. Random acts of kindness is to help others whenever possible by seeing them happy and smiling you will be happy as emotions are contagious.

By all of these you can build internal peace. I used random acts of kindness to stay away of negative things. I helped people whenever possible and believe me it is really effective when you makes someone smile and happy in stressful time it is awesome feeling and it makes your inner satisfied. And it makes you to stay relive, positive and happy all the day.

I also used gratitude which is also an amazing way to make anyone happy. I think everyone wants their efforts to be acknowledged and praised. If you thanked them it will encourage them to help others.I express my gratitude to Amal alumni who came on Sunday for our mock interview for me it was really great experience.I feel more positive and optimistic.

Being happy is an art so be happy and positive.