Start small,I always remind myself.It was in keeping in the respect for labor that my parents had insulted me . My father had often said “No labor is an insult” , the lowest form is diginted and worthy of respect .Start from the lowest rung.Think big i remind myself.My father also used to say “It is important to think Without limitations .”

This has example because same like Edi sahib we just start to know about our self in Amal academy .About to know our strengths and skills.

This part is very inspiring for me because if we just start our project we will get success in that .e.g if we afraid of something like driving or cooking We just start to cook or drive and should face our fear one day i may become a good driver or great cook.

As i just start cooking and I came to know that i can cook good similarly i some body just to start doing some ting from which he or se afraid of doing can get same results.

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