My First Encounter with Leica X1

I love photography. I have a collection of photobooks that I love. And I know a handful of most-loved photographers in the world. They either used (or using) Leica or other brands.

In 2001, I was the first student to buy a cheap China-made digital camera in the college. Now, I’m starting again. I like Leica but like most people the price is a major turn off until I stumbled into a second-hand Leica X1 on a portal sold for RM2500 (USD650).

I almost bought a second-hand Nikon D700 but I chose Leica X1 because of its simplicity and foolproof design. It is an old camera in terms of technology but good enough for a street photography.

One more reason I bought the camera is to use it for my first time travel to Tokyo in April 2017.

Bicycles crossing the bridge.
Hawaian dance.
Wireless solitude.
Kimono girls.
Smiling mask.
Big window.
Tokyo taxi.
A manga reader.
Lovely couple.
Lovely couple II.