Edhi Sb reading

“Any philosopher, any international economist may talk to me about the methods I have introduced and the thoughts behind them. Illiteracy is a disability only for those who lived their lives walking and talking while their minds slept.” 
Abdul Sattar Edhi

in reading chapter two of “a mirror to the blind “by tehmina durrani ,she showed early life of abdul sattar edhi.where she told us early life of edhi sb.she showed how edhi sb is spend his childhood. where he told edhi sb is more interesting in helping people then study.
mother is called first learning school to a child .so,here in book we knew aboout mother of edhi sb that she was very kind women. she give edhi sb two rupees . one for himself and one for spending on other. and also spend on person who really deserve.

Here is first step where edhi sb involve into humanity and day by day her mother give him money , medicine and food to help needy and edhi sb became expert in finding the real person who really deserve.

on day he met with a person who does’nt look like begger , edhi sb help him and give him medicine and food daily . he tell edhi sb real meaning of humanity and after some time ,he’s goes and never come back.

here edhi sahab find that serving humanity is real work and he also trained from her mother as serving from his childhood but now he discover himself and start serving people and he started from one paisa and now he is serving more then 6 cror people through different way.
may ALLAH rest him in peace and show his mercy on him.

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