Just Start project by amal academy

I’m Ammar Irshad.i’m from Faisalabad Pakistan.i’m doing BS Computer Sciences from the University Of Agriculture Faisalabad.

I’m going to share my just start project with you people.As i’m student of computer, i already told you.I love coding but rarely work on practice it.so, i know basic of coding but i never do as professional. so , today at amal just start project i think why not take this as just start project.so, i started it my just start project which was doing coding in java as practically and make some application.

so, as regard my project first three task i need are

(i) where from i have to start

(ii) finding helping data

(iii) and start working coding

My first task was where from i should start? so, after a lot searching, i think i should try from basic building some system application. so, i choose to make a form in java. so i installed netbeans ide for this purpose.and complete my first task.

My second task was to find some helping data,tutorials. i searched many tutorial which are useful for me. so, i saw many project base tutorial and search how really projects are done and i downloaded a course and some project tutorial too.

My third task and practically starting my work. so, i started coding it .i face many problems.many time i think i should leave it a i can’t learn at home because when error occur .i became worry.but as i’m student of computer and i have a lot of internet surfing. i made my mind to complete it. when error occur i just copy that error and drop it in google search and i find result in million. so , i think why should i worry?as i do not have mentor which can solve my coding mistake. i have google which tell me solve a problem in different way and with my own searing and logic so if i solve once by my hand next time i would not feel any problem.

so,in this way i motivated myself and overcome all error and problem in my program and then i successfully completed my project.project was i saved some login and password in my database. if they match show success otherwise wrong credential.

so, this is my first effort toward practice with just start project at amal fellowship.may be it’s just common project but for me it’s first step toward success.

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