Supplements for Women Who Are Into Bodybuilding — Ammar Kattoula

Bodybuilding is considered as an activity and not a sport, meant only for boys. Wake up! It is not only a guy sport. Women too actively participate in this art of making the body take shape of their dreams. Women opt for not only building muscles but also they go for it for other reasons too. Like achieving the desired shape, increasing the strength and also boosting the confidence. The supplements used by the women for bodybuilding is way different from those of men. Example, a supplement meant for the consumption of women who are building body, should be devoid of any external androgen hormone or testosterone. Testosterone is consumed by the men bodybuilders which increases their stamina and strength. If a woman is given the same supplement, she will be experiencing a deep voice and tremendous growth of hair.

The supplements for women should be enriched with the following nutrients which will be able to make them achieve their target body shape along with providing them the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals to keep them in shape and the stamina to push their limits.


A supplement enriched with creatine supplies them with the nutrients which they lose during the workout of achieving the target measurements of the body. Creatine may have certain side effects though, like stomach irritation, cramping muscles, dehydration and also loose movement of bowel.

Vitamin B

A supplement based on vitamin B helps in burning the calories by enhancing the metabolic process of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Vitamin B is also popular to keep the hair, eyes and skin in a healthy shape.


Women after a certain age are prone to lose out on their bone density. The wearing out of calcium from the bones is the major cause of it. So women need more intake of calcium than men for the same reason.

Fatty Acids

It is essential for women to include the consumption of fatty acids in their daily diet, especially if they are into building muscles. The rigorous physical activity makes women to lose out on the essential nutrients so it is important they consume to refill it externally. Fatty acids help in producing energy. It also help in the diffusion of oxygen into blood. Fatty acids decrease the water retention. Fatty acids also aids in neutralizing the mood by calming the nerves. It transports the triglycerides and cholesterols for the process of metabolic function.

Protein is known as the building block of the the muscles. It helps in building of the muscles by repairing and growing of the tissues. Protein powders are the most common type of supplements prescribed for those into body building.

Most of the supplements come in the form of powder or prepared drinks. The supplements, as discussed earlier, are full of essential nutrients, mostly proteins. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you will be able to find the vegetarian and ecofriendly options of supplements as well.

Originally published at on April 11, 2017.