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TL;DR Why would you bother to write pure functions? Do you really need to establish high cohesion and low coupling? Well, if you want a clean and high-quality code that has easy maintainability you must. Period.

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For the people who sees any of those terms for the first time, it would be better to start with the meanings. Please keep in mind that I will try to explain the concepts from the aspect of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). What do I mean by that? For instance, I will refer to classes, not modules.

Pure function:

In software engineering, a pure function is a function that has the following two…

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I am sure most of you have encountered a problem that made you use ViewChild to come up with a solution. I am not going to explain what ViewChild does in Angular. Just to give an idea for novices, it is a method to pass data from child to parent component. For more information, you can visit this link from the official documentation of Angular 👇:

In one of my assignments, I also had to use ViewChild decorator as a private variable in my component. …

This article mainly focuses on the configuration in VSCode.

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It would be nice, to begin with, a nice quotation: “There is sometimes an incorrect assumption that the parser itself is what does everything necessary to facilitate the use of ESLint with TypeScript. In actuality, it is the combination of the parser and one or more plugins which allow you to maximize your usage of ESLint with TypeScript.

If you decided to make your life easier you may want to use Prettier for your project. …

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