Facing your fear of failure

Don’t be afraid of fail.Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure.learn from your failures and go on to the next challenge.it’s Ok. If you are not failing you are not growing. H.Stanley judd

No body likes the failure , every body wants to be a successful person in life.But the reality is opposite if you want to get a success in your life first you should face the failure.

So for this purpose an activity was designed to get out of of our comfort zone, facing our fears, and go the #extramile to help The Edhi Foundation.we were distributed in 4 grouped each group has four members.and we have five days to collect the money for Edhi foundation.

First day I tag to my All face book friends to donate for Edhi foundation.I was pretty sure that i can collect donation easily.But it was totally opposite to my thoughts, no body was interested.IT seems like a failure to me .

Next day i decided to send messages to all my contact list on their cell phones.This time i received 2 positive responses and collect 1000 rupees.

Recently I am learning sign language there are 40 people in my class , i ask them about donation and they donated just 250 rupees.I fell very bad.

The next day we planned a group activity.and visit through 10 different departments Punjab university for 4 hours and were able to collect Almost 3300 rupees.

Now we have only two days left so i decided to go extra mile. For this purpose i contact with my programm associate and ask her that i want to visit Amal campus for fund raising . She respond me quickly that i can come any time for this noble cause. I reached there on decided time. All the Amal team was too much cooperative.I collected 7200 rupees in 30 minutes for this noble cause from Amal team.

Fund raising Compain at Amal campus

Now we have only 1 day and collected About 11000 rupees.some of my friends are working in different places.I talk to them and ask them that we want to visit your job place for a noble cause but their reply was too much disappointed that there staff is not interested to donate.

Thursday night i talk to my uncles ,brother, sister and other family members about this cause. they respond me very well i collected round about 7000 rupees from them.and one thing that i want to share that my cousin who is a matric student generously donated 1500 rupees from her saving box.

Some of my friends live out of station i call them and told them that we are collecting fund for Edhi foundation,they send me donation in the form of easy paisa as well.

BY the Grace of Allah Almighty we collected round about 20000 rupees.

After this activity i learned that if we want to be successful person, we did not need to afraid of failure as failure is the first stage of success.

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