Five random acts of Kindness

Kindness is some thing that we show through our act and words.

mostly i trav
  1. kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and blind can see.on yesterday i was in market a deaf child was communicating with the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper was not able to under stand what the child was saying.As my area is special education so i can communicate with both .i told the shop keeper that child want a story book.
  2. Mostly i travel on bike and 2 person can easily travel on bike so i have space for 1 person always. one of my class fellow belongs to shahdra and travel through public transport i offer him to go with me as i have space. he agreed on this now we daily travel together.

3.last week a task was given to our group members to collect money for Edhi foundation but most of my group fellows was busy so I collect the fund on their behalf.

4.An old person came to our home on Tuesday. He needs complete medical checkup. My friend’s elder brother is a doctor in Govt hospital,so i suggest that man to go there for his checkup and also make a call to that doctor.

5.A project was assigned to our all class in group form . Goal of that task was collect fund for Edhi Foundation.Other group fellows have some problem regarding fund raising so i decided to go there to help them in fund raising compain.

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