Going the Extra mile to get a job

I selected Hamza foundation Academy for the Deaf for in person drop.First of all I search about that school online and ask about the school culture from my friend who is already working there,also get information about the HR manager. It helps me to know about the name of HR manager and the mentality of HR manager .After that i visit the school and request to gatekeeper that i want to meet HR manager( Munawar Malik).He Allowed me to meet with HR manager.

This activity looks very simple but there was some hurdle .there are very strict rule and regulations in Hamza foundation , they did not allow to visit there setup to any outsider. you have to need a prior permission to visit them.First time when i went there to drop my resume, gatekeeper just collect it and said your resume will reach reach HR manager.I wait for six month but didn’t receive any interview call. So , i decided to search out a person who is already working there fortunately one of my class fellow was working there.I collect all the relevant information from him who is the HR manager,what is the job culture there, what are rule and regulation there. I also did some online research through their Facebook page and website.

Now Next time gatekeeper allow me to meet with HR manager as now i am well aware of the Name of HR manager and also have reference there.

So in future i,ll do research about the company and also try to search out a person through networking who is already working there. Before in person i should prepare my self mentally and physically .Practice more and more of elevating pitch.

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