Meeting with your potential mentor

Recently Govt announce the jobs in special education department through ppsc.For the preparation of test i decided to contact with my potential mentor.For this purpose i drafted an E.mail and send him to know about his availability. the content of the Email was as following

Dear Dr Latif Ahmad,
Hope you are doing good job. I recently read about new project .I am really appreciated your efforts, you put in developing inclusive education In Punjab.
As you know that i have completed my master’s(special education)in 2014.Now i am doing M.Phil according to your advise.which opens a new era of learning for me.
Recently Govt has announced job in special education department,and i applied for this job. now i want some advise and tips from you about preparation for the test.Also want to know about some Questions,How can i prepare myself for the test?
What are some major areas i should focus on? guide me about some tips or experiences that would help me to prepare well and perform better in interview. 
Thank you for your time.
Ammar Saeed

After sending e.mail i wait for two days for his response.He was available on Tuesday in his Office. On given time i reach in his office. After initial greetings i share my purpose of meeting again and ask him the Answer of those questions which i have.He guide me in a good way and give me some useful pieces of advice about how i can prepare my self for the test.

One thing i want to share here i show humbleness during all my conversation although i done some research about these questions before.

After that meeting i send him a thank you email in evening.