My Mentor

A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future,and believe it can be obtained.(Shawn hitchcock) Finding a mentor is a great way to learn without experiencing all of the failures along the the question is that how we can find a mentor?The answer is that Networking is one of the means suggested for finding a mentor. Networking is suggestions, attending chamber functions, joining groups that share your interests and contacting an individual in a business that has similar issues or problems. Another common theme for finding a mentor was to just ask.

There are many person’s in our life who gave us advise and provide guidance in our daily routine works. they can be your family members , friends, teacher , neighbors , family friend or some one from your field.we can also called them as our mentor.But one person i Chose as my mentor is my teacher DR.latif Ahmad.

After my graduation i took admission in a college which is especially for special education . Here i met my Mentor who is a very kind and humble personality.he taught us for three years there. After completion of my Masters degree i got admission in M.phil at GCU Faisalabad.And luckily i got 2 more years to learn from him.

In our college there was and mostly students waste their time in other activities. A few boys took admission in special education, and mostly belong to backward areas. it’s desire of Latif Sahab that boys complete their education and get a job because in our society boys are the earning hands of their family.So i chose him as my mentor.

Latif sahab always advise me to focus on my education as well as ask me to participate in co.curricular activities as it helps me to develop confidence .When jobs were announced through PPSC in special education he call me and ask me to prepare according to the pattern of test,tell me about important topics also send me some important books for preparation.BY the grace of God i clear my written test after that latif Sahab guide me regarding interview and other things which were really helpful in my interview.With the blessings of Allah almighty, prayers of my parents and with the Guoidance of Latif sahab i cleared the interview and got the job.

Humility is the key which i followed , i never ask irreverent question from him, never try to show that i have knowledge just always try to obey him what he said.Even if he ask me to eat something i never say no,the reason behind this he share a line with me that(Jo mily wo ly lo) so i never reject his offer.

I think if i don’t show humility i never able to reach at this place where i am now.

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