Purpose of life

The most important lecture that i have selected is purpose of life.

“Every life has a purpose. We need to let go of the past. Live in the present. Do not waste today worrying about what will happen tomorrow. Embrace your true spirit, embrace and listen to grace and you be transformed in the moment. Do not fixate on what you want but give thanks for what you have.”

Every person has his own life purpose , and he decided his purpose of life for his happiness. some people think that their life purpose is become a rich person , some one wants to be authoritative, some people want to help mankind ,Some people thinks that purpose of their life is find to God. In short every individual has a purpose of life but some people are well aware from their purpose of life but there are some people who have a purpose of life but they did not aware of that purpose.

One of the common features among people who live with purpose is that they are able to find meaning in the things that happen to them.To know the purpose of life is very important as it give us a path way on which we have to travel to reach our destination.if we have a purpose in our life it will ultimately take us towards happiness.Recently researches shows that people with a strong sense of purpose are better able to handle the ups and downs of life. Purpose can offer a psychological buffer against obstacles — thus, a person with a strong sense of purpose remains satisfied with life even while experiencing a difficult day. According to Barbara Fredrickson, this kind of long-term resilience can lead to better cardiovascular health, less worry, and greater happiness over time.

I am planning to apply this lesson beyond Amal fellowship that first of all i will make a purpose of life . First try to make proper planing about that purpose and after that prepare my self physically and mentally for that purpose because when i decided a purpose of life there should be some ups and downs in my life but i am physically and mentally prepared and have a proper planning then i might be able to get my purpose of life.

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