Why is my blog inactive — Jekyll Problems

Ammar Shah
3 min readFeb 20, 2016


The problem with Jekyll is that it requires a very specific environment to run.

When I started my new blog, I made a promise to my self to blog regularly. Among other things, I wanted my blog to be fast. So, I went with a static approach — Jekyll and GitHub Pages. This was a fast and easy solution, a little technical, but nothing major.

I was really happy with this decision — my blog was fast and I was publishing my thoughts to the internet with ease. Publishing a post was a tedious task, so I wrote a small script to fasten the process. Even better.

7th Avenue, Islamabad

I published twenty-one posts on my blog in 2015. I even wrote about my trip to Islamabad, and was having a great time with my beloved blog. and that’s when the fun times ended…

My last post was 28 days ago. Why? Because Jekyll just won’t work. I’ve run into some problem about a missing plugin and have been trying to fix this error. I’ve failed to find a solution yet. I’ve tried re-installing Jekyll but that doesn’t work. The only solution I can think of right now is re-installing my complete blogging set-up which is a tedious task.

A few weeks ago, I separated the code section of my blog into a new blog and named it “Ammar Codes”. It’s powered by Google Blogger and using it has been a blast — It’s easy to publish new posts and edit existing posts. It was easy to set up and took me only a few minutes. Using Blogger has reminded me of the simplicity in blogging. Blogging with Jekyll was a very tedious task compared to Blogger.

What Now?

A new path

This has really got me thinking about my current blogging setup. Why should blogging be a pain? Writing is something that I enjoy and Jekyll is just making it difficult when it doesn’t need to be. I’ve started to reconsider my choices now. I’ve used a lot of blogging platforms over the years, and have left them for one reason or another. Recently I’ve been trying out the popular ones again. I’ve been playing around with WordPress, and I’m already using Blogger for my other blog. I’m trying to find something that works for me and I’ll re-launch my blog on a new platform.

The Problem with Jekyll

The problem with Jekyll is that it requires a very specific environment to run. I can post on my blog using only MY LAPTOP. If one component isn’t working, one small little plugin, I can’t post on my blog. If I’m on the go and want to post to my blog, I can’t. I need to turn on my laptop or configure another computer the exact same way.
It’s not like that with other platforms and that’s what I want. This is why I’ve decided to leave Jekyll.

This is why I am leaving Jekyll.

Good Bye!



Ammar Shah