Brace Up!

Brace Up!

It's a race, do NOT lag!
Do not fret when you do
Get up, join the race
And stay in the race.

It's a never ending race, do NOT tire!
Do not stop when you do
Fuel up, pick up the pace 
And stay strong in the race.

It's an arduous race, do NOT despair!
Do not crumble when you do
Fire up,
Ignite the zest
And stay zealous in the race.

It's a curious-laden race, do NOT wallow!
Do not deflect when you do
Wake up, 
Re-calibrate your gait
And stay focused in the race.

Because you see.

You may lag, then you will fret;
You may tire, and then possibly stop/quit;
You may despair, crumbling under the weight;
You may wallow, losing your way as you deflect.

You may, simply because you're human, NOT because you didn't try...

Do not be too hard on yourself when it happens
Simply Get up; Fuel up; Fire up; Wake up,
And get back to the race!