Subtle don’t make it okay.


Sometimes, something extreme has to happen, to be liberated of that affliction.

Sometimes, it takes an extreme instance of that case, for one to be absolutely liberated/exonerated from it's effects.

In other words, until it becomes unbearable, the pain is usually condoned.

Owing to the adaptive and tolerant nature of the human mind (of varying degrees), it isn't rare to find people subjected to some level of emotional abuse at the hands of another.

Abuse yes, albeit very subtle.

Now, because the 'abuse' is handed out in subtle doses, the effect isn't really harmful, not to mention destructive.

Painful yes, albeit easily gotten over.

So, you are being handed out, in what ever form, painful jabs on the regular; but because these jabs are not fatal, the effects (sadness, depression, inferiority complex, pain etc.) is/are only momentary.

Momentarily yes, albeit still painful.

And then 'KaboOM'! 😁

The big one is dealt out.

It's too painful, you cannot tolerate it...not even for a moment...😂

It's too heavy a burden, you instantly throw it back…at the sender :)

It's too much, you cannot fathom how/why someone could dish them out in the first place.

Only then do you see how bad it had been. 💡

You realise you could have 'curved' all them subtle ones of the past.

You could have spared yourself all of them painful effects; as momentarily as they were.

And now, you are liberated;

You have mastered the craft of 'curving’ all sorts, and levels of ‘abuse'. 😁

Kudos! 😊

A friend used to throw my way, simple cynical remarks about both forms of my pieces, and I’d always accepted them as positive criticism, which should be good for me no?

Yet, I always felt bad...momentarily
Until I got a really bad, unreasonable, unjustifiable and biased remark.

It struck a big fat nerve.

And now, I don't have to go through the motions anymore.