My very own ‘Slumdog Millionaire Story’

I have always loved to write

When things happen…reflecting on them always, always inspires me to write.

Not write exactly what happened (’em long gone ‘Dear Diary’ days …haha)

No…not that…I write about them!

You see, I have a very very busy (almost restless mind).
I seek to understand everything…everything.
I relentlessly think, muse, calculate…seeking answers to all the ‘Whys’ in my head (or mind)

Some might even call me over-calculating or worrisome (they have actually) :)

These reflections always end up with me drawing up theories…deductions…answers(if i do say so myself)

And Viola, a piece has been drafted.
I have shared some of them too.

Now to my ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Story (I have a piece on that too :) please check it out).

For each time I have written a piece and proceeded to share on social platforms, I never envisaged that I would one day actually share one orally, to an audience (as in Speak it)…not to mention two of them.

Little did I know…
As of today, I have shared pieces ‘The Good 
News’ and ‘The Jolt’ and I enjoyed every bit of it.

That is my ‘Slumdog Millionaire Story’…;
Delivering presentations from my secondary school days, to leading a group seminar in the University, to handling potent and admirable corporate presentations and facilitation in the corporate world…and now speaking my own pieces.

Find yours.

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