Slumdog Millionaire

First published on facebook,February 24, 2015 at 12:37pm

I believe


I believe that life is a lesson; a class… a session… a curriculum.

Everything that’s happened… all that one’s been through:
 Good & bad

Trivial & substantial

Trite & extraordinary


.…tis all been a series of lessons preparing you for the moment you began walking down the ‘God’s purpose’ path.

I look back and I see…

I see a trend… I see relating events… I see connected dots.

GOD is indeed wonderful :)


Looking at today, I can only but conclude that ‘yester-days’ and ‘yester-years’ were me in school taking lessons, practices, exercises, tests/examinations; failing some, passing others…

and that school was preparing me for now and tomorrow.


Slumdog Millionaire
I love this movie so so much.

I Love it because it told the truth.

That boy, Jamal…his life; him growing up and all he passed through growing up had been preparing him for that momenT !

The moment he sat on the Who wants to be a millionaire ’ hot seat. #wonderful :)


The movie told the sweet truth that our lives, each of our lives from the moment we were born have been a process of preparation; preparation for one’s calling.

Everything had been set and ordained by God Almighty in a bid to carry out His plans.


You see, God has a purpose for every one of us.

Our births were not mistakes, so also all we have, all we had, and all that’s happened to us

We should look into our lives, from childhood to this moment and I bet we will find a trend.

Find that trend.

may not see it…may not see the connected dots…yet

Be patient, ask GOD to reveal it to you…soon you will see it :)


If you have seen it,… isn’t it wonderful? :)

do tell…let the world see again how Wonderful our GOD is :)

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