The Good News…

God is so willing

First published on facebook, January 12, 2014 at 7:19pm

God is super willing…for Job 33:14-

God is so willing to be there for you;

So willing to lead you, direct you, guide you… practically pamper you like a baby; we are HIS children after all 😊

Yes, you have to be saved.

In doing so, you become HIS child, ergo, entitled to everything that comes with being a son or daughter.

It is not enough to become HIS child though;

Yes, you have to seek.

HE is your Father, talk to HIM.

You stretch out your hand, HE takes hold of;

HE pulls & pushes, guides & guards, putting, and then keeping you on the best path.

It is not enough to seek too;

Yes, you have to be observant.

You have sought, expect a response.

Be prepared and ready, identify that it is HIM,

Simplify your heart…to see, feel, hear…

It is also not enough to be observant;

Yes, you have to be pliant.

Of what use is an instruction if you stubbornly refuse to follow ? 😏

As humans, being intellectual, and saddled with feelings , we tend to see things differently.

We reason; brainstorm; drawing from our amassed knowledge database;

we search our feelings, succumbing to them…

When at such crossroads, we need to remind ourselves, say to ourselves “It is GOD, HE is Omniscient after all!

You stretch out your hand, HE takes hold of;

He directs, do not be stubborn, yield.

My worst fear is HIM leaving me to my own strengths.

My daily prayer is that I remain in the palm of HIS hands, never to be left alone.

We most certainly cannot do it alone, we need HIM to help us surrender all to HIM,for…

HIS plans for us are those of good, never of evil. 😊

Job 33:14-….