The JolT !

First published on facebook, August 11, 2014 at 12:10pm

S0o…here you are sitting, doing whatever it is you are doing…

next you hear this bad and saddening news of an event that’s happened to someone distant; someone you probably don’t or barely know.

Abruptly! you exclaim;

feel sorry, only for a brief moment;

maybe say a short prayer;

and then you shrug…or sigh…and say:

“Oh well, Such is life” ;

somewhere In your subconsciousness, you say to yourself :

“Such a thing can’t/won’t happen to me” .

forgetting that we are creations of the almighty who is in control.

You forget that we are all humans and we have a sovereign God.

And then… BanG!

HE reminds you; HE Jolts you!!

The first time I had such an experience was when I received my National Youth Service Corp call-up letter… and then, I lost someone dear.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt, it is the fact that..

anything, anyhow, anytime can happen to anyone.

We’d do well to remember that ALWAYS.

Be thankful, ALWAYS, for what/who we have in our lives and where we are;

We should be mindful of our deeds…ALWAYS.

God’s grace and mercies…