Underrated, Norm, or Overrated?

Love... Is it underrated? Or overrated?

Bumped in on a typical girly chitchat the other day;
One stated how she loved him before things went south… barely 6 weeks into.

I'm like “waawu” 😲
Love after 2 weeks?

Norm? or Underrated?

Some of us on the other hand would struggle against introducing the word, even after 6 months into.

And when it[the word] finally surfaces, it's initially called the "L Word" ... 😊 It's that difficult, yes 😃😄

Norm? or just Overrated?

While some folks have given up on it over trivial matters...; a bid to debunk it's overrated claims😊

Underrating much?

Others cling onto it strongly, even after major, life changing, emotional catastrophes...; a bid to assert it isn't underrated 😏

Overrating much?

Oh well...🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

There are no conventions!
Where there is, there'll always be exceptions!

Different shades for different folks.

And on top of that, life hits us all in different ways.