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Please show me where any, I mean ANY proposal included somehow shifting the tectonic plates and causing the British Isles to drift further from the European continent.

Let me try to explain a few facts that you obviously lack the necessary intelligence to otherwise find.

First, Scottish Independance. Scotland is still a part of the United Kingdom, a decision it reaffirmed only recently in its own referendum. It gained that referendum because many people had claimed it really, really wanted its independence.

Part of being within the United Kingdom is being part of a democracy.

Democracy means that when there are important issues, a date is set for a vote, and during the run-up to that date (generally a period of many months) all sides get to make their case, present evidence, and attempt to convince people of where their interests lie. At the end of that time, a vote is taken, and whichever side has the most support wins, and the losers are supposed to accept that and work together to make the majority decision work.

Despite all of the pathetic, mewling, moronic, whines of those who were in the minority vote of the Brexit referendum, all of the democratic steps were taken. Each side got to make their case, everyone got to consider all of the evidence they bothered to take on board, and then every voter made their best decision accordingly.

Now, if Scotland are so very dismayed about leaving the EU, which was, after all one of the strong arguments for not going independant (that they’d be a brand new Nation and have to re-qualify for everything from scratch), they can of course ask for another referendum.

However, choosing to leave the UK would still create a new independent nation called Scotland, which would have to qualify for the EU from scratch (a process of some decades). It could spend those decades busily trying to also renegotiate trade and border agreements with the UK, with the Commonwealth, and with Nato, all of which would also be lost with their loss of UK membership.

If Scottish people think that sounds like a good idea, to take a situation from bad (from their view) to far worse (with still no membership of the EU anyway), then I’m all for letting them do so. For some Scots, it is the principle of Independence that is important, even at the cost of having to rebuild every aspect of its economy, diplomacy, and status from scratch.

For many Brits that was true too. Independence is a powerful concept, and it has costs and responsibilities.

Now, the economic issue.

The whole reason that the Leave camp won the referendum is that Economics was the only argument the Remain side could actually make.

That is not surprising of course. The EU is, at its core, evolved from trade agreements. It has evolved with rather fake and shallow ‘Social’ elements that are, ultimately, all geared to helping businesses not have to pay for health benefits, and even more so, of enabling businesses to easily use the cheapest labour of any nation in Europe and force locals to compete on those terms.

The EU does indeed have aspirations of becoming a Federal Body, creating Federal regulations and laws that each member State must abide by, but that too is mostly about money. Lower or zero import taxes, unified trade negotiations with non-members to really screw the best deal possible for EU businesses — the EU is the modern face of Imperialism.

For many of us, the capitalistic nature of the EU is precisely what we hate. The very fact that it is obsessed with money, and that every decision ultimately is for the benefit of the 1% above all others, is what we rail against. So an argument that is all framed in terms that only appeal to that same capitalist mindset is truly, monumentally, ill-considered and self-defeating.

I choose to pay more taxes, and to have less personal wealth, in order to contribute to a better society. I choose to lose money so that there are pensions for the elderly (which have steadily gotten to an untenable position while we have been in the EU). I choose to have less money so that we can have a National Health Service good enough for people who could afford private health insurance. I choose to give up personal wealth for a free Education system. Get the idea?

Many of us are socialists, or at least, have a real and genuine interest in welfare and principle above greed on the personal level. The arguments that influence, and come from, your greedy, selfish, money-obsessed mindset actually have the opposite effect on people with higher principles.

Now, crawl back under your rock and start planning other means to rob from the poor for your own wealth and standing. Fuck off to another country in the EU by all means. You have that choice.

And the referendum was all about choice. Either support the majority as per democracy, or piss off to some country where democracy isn’t an issue. Either way, right now, the real problem with our country is people like you.

People who can deceive themselves that they know the first thing about how others voted. People who assume the very worst of anyone who voted differently to themselves, instead of the more natural assumption that there were idiots on both sides, smart folks on both sides, and that ultimately, everyone probably put as much into their vote as they could. People who are the very definition of the Dunning-Kruger effect, assuming they are smarter than others, while actually being rather sub-par.

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