12 Facts About the 9mm Handgun

The 9mm is regaining popularity as the handgun to carry. It offers power, portability, and a high mag capacity. It is easy to carry and conceal, and due to the softer recoil it possesses, it makes a great beginner gun. It is also an affordable option for ammo, as you can buy bulk 9mm ammo for a very reasonable price — -you can get 1000 rounds for $189 to $450 at Ammunition Depot.

· Georg Luger invented the Pistole Parabellum in 1894, commonly known today as the “Luger” after its creator.

· Parabellum is in reference to the Latin, Si Vis Pacem, which translates to “prepare for war if you seek peace.”

· Luger improved upon a design developed by American Hugo Borchardt.

· The Luger was specifically designed for its penetrating power and ability to penetrate field gear.

· 9mm ammo travels faster than the speed of sound. The speed of sound is 1125 ft/s and a bullet fired from a 9mm handgun moves at around 1180 ft/s.

· According to Gun Digest: when the Luger was first released in the United States for $30.00. That price included a kit which included a wooden shoulder stock with detachable cheekpiece, leather holster, 3 spare magazines, a wooden dummy magazine which included tools, ramrod and oiler and an instruction manual. For an extra $5.00 a fitted leather case was included.

· The 9mm is the handgun of the FBI. Scientific analysis has proven that FBI shooters fire more quickly and more accurately utilizing the 9mm than firing the similar sized .40 S & W. They have also discovered that under extreme stress, even senior agents with a great deal of field time miss, often. That is why the ability of follow-up fire is an absolute necessity.

· It is also very popular among United States law enforcement. 60% of police choose to carry a 9mm handgun.

· 9mm offers double the carrying capacity of a .45.

· The flatter trajectory of the 9mm means it’s not as critical to judge exact distance when firing, as a slight variance will still impact a target.

· Due to its size and soft recoil, it is a great gun for beginners, and/or women who may have smaller hands.

· Firearms manufacturers now have the technology and capabilities to produce 9mm pocket carry guns that are essentially the same size of the popular .380 ACP pocket guns.

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