Save Your Money for Ammo with These Plinking Target Ideas

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An enjoyable outing for the whole family, plinking allows you to hone your aim and form in a relaxed environment. Informal target shooting with whatever you have lying around, plinking is a great way to get out into nature and have a blast. By plinking with things you have lying around the house, or can find very cheaply, you can save your money to buy bulk 223 ammo.

Ice Clays

Perfect if you’re going a short distance, homemade ice clays are simple to make and won’t break the bank. All you need are water and paper cups. Fill the cups with water and place in the freezer, when frozen and ready to use, remove the paper cup exterior and ice will pop out smoothly. To shoot these ice clays from a distance, add food coloring to make them stand out.

Milk Jugs or 2-liter bottles

An old favorite because nearly everyone has these lying around the house ready to throw out. Milk jugs and 2-liter bottles will explode pretty epically if you fill them with something cool. You can freeze water in them overnight, fill them with a Kool-aid pack and some water for a bright flash of color, or use gelatin (flavored or unflavored) to create “ballistic gelatin” on the cheap.

Bowling Pins or Balls

You can pick these up for a reasonable price at thrift stores, on craigslist, or find them at garage and yard sales. Either option is entertaining to shoot. The pins are free standing and very dense, requiring you to hit the dead center to get movement which makes them excellent target practice. Bowling balls will take multiple bullets and still be intact for extended shooting. With enough force, the bowling ball will roll to give you a moving target, and .223 ammo will blow it up in chunks. Watch out for flying debris.

Soda Cans

Another staple of many households, save your old soda or energy drink cans for shooting. They stand on their own for shooting, or for a heightened challenge; you can pull the tab to a vertical position and loop fishing line or dental floss through the hole to hang them.

Rotten Eggs

If you have eggs past their prime, they will put you through your paces while shooting. Eggs are a great target for long range and explode even when shot from 300 yards, allowing you to see if you’ve made impact. They also disintegrate when hit, making the clean up after plinking a much simpler process.

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