Report Writing by Grade 4

A Truly Magnificent White Peacock

A Cloud Like Bird

Do you know a bird that can dance and fly? Well if you don’t know it is a peacock. Peacocks are male peafowls; females are called Peahens. Did you know that only male peacock has fan like feathers? They are the largest bird that can fly. They have long tails that’s about 5 feet and their body is about 35 to 50 inches. There are 2 types of peacock one the greenish blue colored and another one is the white peacock. A white peacock is technically a genetic variant of the blue Peafowl. The colors in the feathers of a bird are determined by two factors: pigment and structure. Congo peafowl is an African Peacock and its feathers are bushy. Peahens and Congo peafowls don’t have trains like feathers. Peacocks live up to 20 years in the wild. They are vertebrate and they weigh up to 8.75 to 13 pounds.

Where do Peacocks Live

Have you ever seen peacock in Canada or at least in a zoo? Well some of you may not because they are the birds that like to live in hot weather places. Mostly peacock live in India, Srilanka, Pakistan but some live in Central Africa.

These birds are ground dwelling and they prefer to reside in farmlands, rainforests and warm region. They like to live in areas that provide them easy access to plants and small trees which makes their feeding easy.

The Peckish Peacock

Do you know a bird that eat snakes? Well if some of you have guessed it is the one you think it as harmless peacock. Peacocks are omnivorous, which means they eat both plants and meat. They have good eyesight and great hearing sense. Scavenger hunt is their favorite way to find food. They search in ground for seeds, berries and grasses to eat. They also eat worms, insects and small snakes.

Peacocks Adaptions

Peacocks have a special feature and obviously it is their long tail like feather fan which is named as plumage. They use it for 2 main reasons. Firstly, if a predator tries to catch the peacock, the tail can just easily fall out and they can fly away. Their strong claws, legs and feet help the peacocks run away from the predators chasing them. The second reason is very interesting, the male uses his long, brightly colored tail to attract female. The drab color of the peahens helps them to camouflage while they are sitting on their eggs. Peacocks have spurs on their back of their legs that can be used to defend themselves from hunters.

Say Mama!

The Peahens lay-up to 3 to 8 tan of eggs in the nest on the ground during springtime. She sits on the eggs for 4 weeks to hatch them and leaves the nest once or twice to feed and drink. The female will often make a cuk cuk cuk sound when she leaves the nest to attract the predators away from it. Peacocks doesn’t like to be friends with other birds. Male and female peacocks generally live apart. Babies live with peahens and they are raised in tight knit community it is like having a bunch of aunts and cousins nearby! Isn’t that so cool! I wish my aunts and cousins lived with us too.

End of the story

Over all the peacocks are truly magnificent. They are considered royal because of their shining colorful feathers. Peacocks represent the symbol of beauty and peace and that’s the reason why everybody loves them.



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