Transportation Air Conditioning Compressors

A wide array of air conditioning compressors are used for industrial applications. For carrying out a process effectively, various process applications are required. Among the several process applications, one major section is transportation air conditioning.

air conditioning and trucks. You simply press the button of the air conditioning system of your car and within a short time, the ambiance of the car changes. Cold air flows through the car’s vent, turning the car interior a pleasurable one. In fact, it is pretty simple, easy and a major convenience. But then, have you ever thought what are major components of an air conditioner and how do they work? Like most of us, you haven’t.

To start with, an air conditioning system whether placed at your home, in a factory or in your car works the same way. Interestingly, your refrigerator is a kind of air conditioner. The entire air conditioning system works on the theory of evaporation and condensation. This process is carried out in the air conditioning system through a number of components fixed by tubes and hoses. These basic components include the compressor, condenser, receiver-drier, thermostatic expansion valve, the evaporator and the refrigerant.

Among these components, the air conditioning compressor is termed as the power unit of the air conditioning system. As the A/C is turned on, the air conditioning compressor, under high pressure, puts in refrigerant vapor towards the condenser. The condenser then transforms the high-pressure refrigerant vapor into a liquid. The liquid refrigerant is then stored in the receiver-drier. The thermostatic expansion valve takes out the pressure from the liquid refrigerant and turns it to refrigerant vapor as it goes into the evaporator. Now the cool vapor is released from the evaporator, as the cold low-pressure refrigerant here absorbs the heat from the air.

But then, what if the air conditioning system of your car does not work properly? Well that can be a serious headache. Just for example, a fault in the air conditioning compressor can be really troublesome. A faulty air conditioning compressor turns noisy, loses cooling capacity, and gives a lot of trouble. Similarly, a fault in any part of the air conditioning of your car can stop the A/C from working in a proper way. In that case, it is only an expert who can help you. If you are in search of a specialist, you can always turn to National Compressors Exchange Inc, in case the problem lies in your air conditioning compressor.

At National Compressors Exchange Inc, you can get your air conditioning compressor rebuilt in the best way and made just as new. You will be surprised to get superb service at the most affordable prices you have ever dreamt of. It is indeed upsetting when you car A/C stops working, but if the problem is with the air conditioning compressor, you need not worry at all. The experts at National Compressor Exchange will fix up the compressors in no time. Cool tips..

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