No Labels Needed

Have you ever noticed how either one or the other. There is no room to be neutral. You cant like both books and movies. You cant like Star Wars and Star Trek. You never seen stickers that said “ Team Edward and Team Jacob”. That’s just absurd, unheard of and uncalled for!!! ( Not really, but you get the point.) My argument for the need to be neural goes way deeper than books and movies, but its simpler than choosing what political par. Some might say that it is written in the stars that us Libras are naturally neutral.
As a child of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, clothing wise my parents dressed me in neutral clothes. When I mention neutral clothes I mean reds, blues, and yellows. For an example, my favorite outfit was this pair of overalls with this bright orange Nickelodeon tee shirt. For the longest time I did not dress in girl colors such as pink and purple. I did thing that people today call ‘girl things’ such as cheering, playing house, and painting my nails. I also did things that people today call ‘boy things’ such as climbing trees, digging for treasure, and boxing. Doing so caused me to have more guy friends than girl friends. 
 When I grew up my parents noticed that was not just a stage. It wasn’t until I was a freshman in high school when I learned that to other people, my dressing habits made people assume that I was a lesbian or even a dike. I can say that a am neither. It is because of our society today you must clarify as to what you are, we have to label it. One time I wore a mustache to work and because I had short hair that was pulled up underneath a hat and no type of boobs whatsoever, people were confused!( I mean the mustache matched my hair perfectly. It also did not help the fact that I had to check both the men and women’s restroom also.)Now as an adult I feel as if it is inappropriate for me to wear a red and black flannel out in public. Or that I always have to wear a dress or a skirt to show that I am girl.

What happened to being neutral. Everything is gender affiliated. I mean have you ever went into the baby section of Walmart or Target, and noticed there are no gender neutral colors or clothes. Everything is purple and pink or blue and brown. It’s like we are forcing our children how to act, how to play, and how to act like their gender. That means that our children will have to choose to conform to society’s standards and expectations, or question them.