According to a recent study conducted by Employee Benefit News, the average cost of losing employee results in 33% of their annual salary. This means that by losing an employee — you don’t just lose their talent and time they were giving to the company but also resources/funding of the company.

The cost of hiring recruitment agencies, interview sessions, and training all accumulate to a staggering amount of money and time, which could be avoided if the retention rate of the company improves.

A study by Willis Towers Watson showed clearly that high turnover is a massive problem for an…

How do you encourage your non-productive employees to take the front seat and make your company a success? What are the secret formulas that Fortune 500 companies use?

“Employees are a company’s greatest asset — they’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.”

-Anne M. Mulcahy

There is no doubt about the fact that employees are the backbone of every organization. An organization is as successful as hardworking its employees are. You can be the best manager…

Remote work is not a trend, rather it is here to stay forever. The annual report, The State of Remote Work, published by Buffer sheds light on the world of remote workers. Around 2500 remote employees and business owners took part in the survey from around the globe to discuss the challenges, pros, and cons of remote work.

According to The State of Remote Work, 91% of the respondents who were business owners, said they support remote work massively. The figure is up from 88% in last year’s report.

As a business owner or manager, you would know the different…

According to the latest survey done by The New York Times, 43% of the American do remote work. The survey constituted 15000 adults from the United States, belonging from different walks of life. It is interesting to note that the percentage has actually increased by 4 points since 2012.

This shows the increasing interest and preference of workers in the US to work remotely. And this trend is not just confined to the US, rather professionals around the globe are enthusiastic about working remotely.

Predicting from the current scenario, according to Upwork 73% of all teams worldwide will constitute…

Amna Akram

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