Feeling a Hurt

Those times that you can feel someone’s hurt so strong that it knocks you for a loop and then makes you wonder what the hell just happened. That has been happening a lot to me lately and it reminds me of how others must feel when my radiance of fervor fills the room.

I am naturally an absorber so when a wave of emotion that has not been recognized makes its presence for an abrupt first entrance, I am left reeling and spinning and misdirected. I know people are human and humans are defeatist and def tones are a horrible band but I know this for certain, when you are not expecting that surge, you get carried in the undertow, tossed, drowning in it’s power, often beat amongst the rocks, broken shells, coral reefs and dead animals by the very magnanimous ocean that sent the tsunami swell.

I just need to take a deep breath, remember, and get back out there.

If it hurts, do it more, right?