Some shoulds

I should never search people that rip my heart out.

I should never compare myself to someone else because my offerings to the world are boss.

I should not let situations and moments out of my control steal my empath sweater.

I should know that just because I’m not seen doesn’t mean I’m not there. It’s their problem.

I should be aware of what I want and NEVER let anyone shadow my shine.

I should always be aware that human nature is inevitable. Skepticism.

I should know that my milkshake is what and no one will ever drink my milkshake.

I should know my emotions and my heart are never sloppy seconds and being ashamed or angry about them is someone else’s problem.

I should know that I am dynamic and my purpose in life is ripe even with the short amount we’re given.

I should know my ability to read others is a stellar weapon that always seeks truth.

I should know that just because I’m white bread, white trash, white sauce, that I have risen with flavor and proud of it.

I should know that my capacity to forgive also needs to be sought after and not always freely usurped.

I should never compare her to others named the same or who look the same. She is a bitch, that doesn’t mean they are.

I should never let even my favorite person ever make me feel like second choice or a second class citizen.

I should never let my constant unlucky streak give allowance to someone else’s reason to be mean, heartless or not see me.

I should never try to destroy someone’s life because they tried to destroy mine. They are left wanting and inadequate so they can deal with their selfishness and never be happy if they don’t see the need to seek my forgiveness.

I should always make sure that I absorb what I deserve and never robotic awfulness.

I should never let someone’s unfeelings be the undoing of how I know myself.

I should never forget that my tears on my face are the vulnerability that steps me closer to forgiveness. DON'T FUCKING SUCK THEM UP!

I should never replay scenes of shit-stained fuck cuntary over and over in my head.

I should never forget to say what I want and forever express my needs…fearlessly.

I should NEVER forget my worth and know without me you wouldn’t have your current worth.

I should never forget my beautify fully encompasses natural and unforced validity.

I should never forget the quietly humble nerd that equally deals with bouts of arrogance and oversight.

I should never forget I am human and liars, cheaters, and thieves are humans, too.

I should never forget the most honest are often the biggest liars.

I should never forget that people’s emotions should never be stifled.

I should never forget the circle of affirmation I surround myself with because I always choose those filled with understanding and loyalty.

I should never forget I’m the better purveyor of emotions.

I should never forget to write so that I don’t hate and can actually pursue a release.

I should never forget I’m enough.

I will continue to add to this post as needed.