Quarantine is getting longer and longer. In the beginning it felt like the greatest opportunity to spend time with each other. But as time went on… it got harder to stay sane with the same person for this long.

You enjoyed alot the first few days just lazing around , watching netflix ,cooking together,eating together . You had all the time to yourself ! It was a dream come true ,but now as days go by you’re just getting fed up of the four walls enclosing you and can’t bear the partner accompanying you.

It’s strenous to remain in your right mind with the same person in the same place for this long. The more you stay together the more you fight. According to a study made in China there was an obvious spike in the number of couples filing divorce once quarantine was lifted.

Here’s what you can do to save your relationship as well as rekindle that spark of love and fun:

Thats all for now folks.

Stayhome. Stay safe . Stayhappy



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