How to Become a better learner

In our lives, we have lots of challenges. Whenever i want to learn and think then many others things come in mind and it causes distractions. I made many goals and plan many time but could not able to accomplish it. I have no proper plan or to do list for doing work on timely.

Takeaways :

1- Try to learn new things by using Diffuse thinking. Do not think that we can not accomplish our task or do not learn new things.

2- If you are not feeling comfortable then do some exercise

3- Pomodoro Technique is the best way to overcome distractions.

4- Do not let your work. Always try to learn new things.

I want to apply all techniques which i learnt from course.First of all, I would like to write down all the task and think on it that how i can accomplish these tasks or goals then make To-Do-List of it. Try to make list daily before sleeping. Follow Pomodoro technique during work. Before doing work, try to collect all data related to task, clean room, close facebook (waste too much time), switched off cell and try to focus on work.

We should do not be afraid of learning , always try to learn new things whatever the age.