Informational Interview

As an Electrical Engineer, I conducted informational interview by one of my teacher Sir Sijjad who has a lot of experience he is assistant professor. It was my best experience to ask lots of questions from my teacher. It is not on the phone ,but face to face interview with my teacher.

Amna: Sir, Tell me where you did jobs and what was your experience?

Sir: I did jobs in PTVas a senior TV engineer, WAPDA as a SDO, PTCL in 18 grade, Wateen as a senior manager.

Amna: In which company you have a great experience?

Sir: In PTCL, I had a great experience as I did job there 5–6 year and also in PTV.

Amna : And from which company you learned more?

Sir: Wateen

Amna: Sir from where you did your engineering?

Sir: UET Lahore and MS(Electrical Engineering) also from UET lahore.

Amna: Sir now what do you do?

Sir: I am doing PHD in Electrical Engineering.

Amna: Sir in telecommunication job what kind of questions were asked?

Sir: They asked from all subjects, but from telecommunication and mobile communication is more important for telecommunication jobs. For electronics companies, you should read the summary from flood book.

Amna: Sir, what should I do if I will not get any job?

Sir: Then you should do an internship for 6 months or one year.

Amna: ok Thank you so much sir for your time ALLAH HAFIZ.

I learned from this interview that which company is best ,in which company I will do the job, or internship and what kind of question were asked in interview.

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