Last Day with Amal Family

Last group photo that was captured by Sir Talha in Amal Academy

On last day in Amal, I enjoyed a lot with the family. In the last session, we were very energetic and full of excitement about trip. The funny moment during activity of leadership was, when Ma’am Zobia became quiet, all of us were seeing her face and asked Ma’am about what happened. I sat with Ma’am ,so when I came to know the reason I could not control burst of laughter. Activity of secret letter was amazing. I wrote thank you letter to many follows, from whom I learned a lot and some of fellows helped me a lot during fellowship :)

After that we cut the cake. Before cutting the cake the wasp cut on my finger. Because of Akasha my hand got protected from virus.At the end we discuss how we can stay connected with each other.

Last Activity

We left amal academy approximately at 2:00 PM for Trip. Before going to historical places, we had a lunch with Amal fellow at phajja, old Lahore. We visited Badshahi Mosque, Lahore fort, Shahi Hamam and Wazir Khan Mosque.

“ Change your location and you just may change yourself.” Eric Weiner.

I learned many new things about historical places from fellows and from the instructor. Our tour guide told us many new things. The amazing thing which I liked that if we speak from one corner then we can listen voice from other corner of wall in Badshahi Masque.

Badshahi Masjid
From left azeem, Faisal and our tour guide are talking about Badshahi Mosque

After visiting Badshahi Masjid, we reached Lahore fort. I wondered when I listened stairs name” Elephant Stairs”. At Shahi Hamam, we saw documentary on it. That was very interesting.

Documentary at Shahi Hamam

After visiting all the places we left old Lahore at 9:00 PM. It was my first experience of tour. I enjoyed a lot there with my Amal family. I had never seen those places before. Overall tour was informative.

For life balancing, I find it right that we should not spend all the time with books. We must visit some historical places to enjoy the life, explore the world and to get the information about history. Life balancing is much more important to succeed in life.