Pomodoro Technique

Pomodor Technique(look like a tomato) is a technique from which we can complete any work with in a time without any distraction by using some tips and it was invented by Franscesco Cirillo. From this technique we can also save our time and accomplish many task .Productivity can be increased by this method.

Before using this technique, i made list of different work( reading books ,cooking, social media ,project work and help the sister). I used this technique today in project. I set alarm (25 minutes) for doing the work on project. To overcome distractions, I switched off mobile, internet, facebook, close my room and start doing work on project with full concentration on it. After 25 minutes I took break of 20 minutes and then starting work on project. I have done my project within the time. I faced no problem during work on project.

“The passage of time is no longer perceived as negative, but positive. Every Pomodoro represents the opportunity to improve, or in crisis situations, to reorganize rapidly.”

In future, I would like to use this technique for saving the time and complete the all task on time. I already made list of tasks. Now it’s time to accomplish it and I will try to make to do lost daily before sleeping.