A journey of splendid achievements is based on mentor-ship

Mentoring consists of a long-term relationship focused on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. The mentor becomes a source of wisdom, teaching, and support, but not someone who observes and advises on specific actions or behavioral changes in daily work.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton

In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, mentors extend vision, enable people to attain greater heights. Mentors provide undeniable counsel and resources that are not necessarily or readily available or accessible.

On coming across this much significance of a mentor I realize the economy of the new workforce does not operate solely on hard work but rather on smart work. You need to get smarter about people, relationships, processes, opportunities, and strategies. Great mentors help you get smarter with their wise counsel and that’s why it’s necessary to have a mentor.

beautiful depiction of why we need a mentor

I’ve had several mentors ( both in personal and professional life) over the years and learned a large amount of valuable lessons from each and every one of them. They helped me countless times in multiple situations and made me what I am today.

In my personal life, my mother is a role model for me. If I summarize my entire journey of success and accomplishments the first personality touches up my mind is of my mother. It wasn’t even imaginable to travel this far without the consistent support of my mother.

I owe myself, my achievements to my mother

Having a landlord background system, girls education wasn’t encouraged in my family. I was in class 6 when my mother faced the utmost pressure regarding my schooling and education from family. She stood like a rock in front of me and supported me to continue my journey in a way no one else can ever.I wouldn’t be where I am and who I am today if I lost the unshakable background strength and countless sacrifices of my mentor, my mother. I might be considered an “adult” but that doesn’t keep me from going to my counselor, my mom. She is my ultimate role model, a source of motivation, and an example of what true love really is.

As far as my professional life is concerned I remember a famous movie director explained,

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

My mentor Rabia Hameed (incharge at UGI) often pose questions for me to think about and ask me to come back with answers later. she usually set various goals for me and let me loose to see if I could accomplish them on my own, all the while watching from a distance to see how these projects helped me to develop. She then made a point to sit down and tell me what she’d observed about me through the project process, what she thought was worth keeping — and definitely what she would immediately throw out. She also focused on character and values, which has nurtured my personal growth as well as my leadership abilities.

Oprah Winfrey stated,

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

They are there no matter what and offer moral support sprinkled heavily with cheerleading. Here I would like to share a story of my uprise, there was a time that, if she wasn’t there for me for my counselling, I could have easily, “caved-in,” emotionally, or given up on the business without considering how much closer I am to my destination. However, I was lucky to have had a mentor who provided encouragement and guidance in a best possible way that gave me hope and confidence to survive and flourish.

A mentor is one who teaches you the power of self-belief

Conclusively, i will add its really difficult to find a real mentor in this materialistic world but if you got one, value it and take care of it like a precious pearl.