Life Is Much More Than What We Think Of It

Life is all about experiences, ups and downs. Every time you trust someone you make friends. when you leave school unwantedly you leave your school friends there and you take a step forward in your life, college life starts you make new friends you share new experiences but you still miss old ones with whom you spent 10 years of your life some of them were just friends, some good friends and some cute rivals who can never be replaced after college you again take a step forward university life starts friends are again left behind and new friends come in your life new things a completely different phase of life unlike school and college you start becoming a mature bud we get to see reality of life. The only thing which stayed same was your family who accept you the way you are they don’t judge you for your color, your weight, your weaknesses they just love you the way you are. Every time you trust people and they prove you wrong no matter what you do for anyone no matter how understanding you are its very difficult to find someone equally understanding and caring. your kindness is taken for granted people use you because they think you are fool what they don’t know is that this is the way GOD has made you kind hearted you know what they are doing to you, you know all these friends, these mates are fake illusion which will fade away once you’ll wake up from your dream of perfect fantasy life.Life is unexpected it is full of surprises all you can do is to stay strong and face it and strongly believe what GOD has decided for you is best.Every act teaches us a new lesson every thing is meant to be because GOD has decided.People will never stop judging you this is the way our society is you don’t need to change your self for all those not so important people. Just believe you are beautiful the way you are. We will never understand that every person is different from one and other this is the way GOD has made us then how can we expect a person to be perfect or to be like the way you are. We lack acceptance the day we start accepting each other the way we are, the day we start accepting imperfection, the day we understood every person is intelligent and capable in his/her own way, the day we started believing in inner beauty not external this world will become heaven.

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