An Angel of Mercy, A Jewel of The World| Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi was an award winning philanthropist and humanitarian.He was man of action, not of action of words. Known in Pakistan as “Angel of Mercy” and “Pakistan’s Father Teresa” for his social work. Edhi established a welfare almost six decades ago that he oversaw together with his wife, Bilquis Edhi.

Here is some autobiography of Abdul Sattar Edhi from a text book of Tehmina Durrani.

The second chapter of this book provides the information about the decisive period of Edhi’s life. “The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity’’. Abdul Sattar Edhi was a personality who restored the faith of humans on humanity and proved no religion is higher than humanity.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was descended from Edhi family and he was memon by caste. “Edhi’’ means born with spirit of humanitarianism.

The father of Edhi sahab, Abdul Shakoor was a commission agent in Bombay and inherited with the same qualities like keeping his lifestyle down to basics from his father. The mother of Abdul Sattar Edhi was very generous lady. Infact she was a real gem who urge the humanity and passion to serve the humans with love and care in her son Abdul Sattar Edhi. So, Edhi sahab started his mission to care for all beings created by God since childhood.

He grows up with pranks and games in streets with little interest in formal education but he said that peoples have become educated but not human. His friends often laugh on his ideas that he will sell matchboxes and pencils to invest the money in company shares and half of it for the poor.

He led a very simple life as compared to his age fellows. That simplicity of his life was by choice not by any conflict. He started his struggle to transform his childhood dreams to reality when his father gave him money for business. It was hardest for him when he just started after sometime he was able to sell things efficiently by differentiating his customers. His friends often talk about the revolution and Islamic history and he was in view that British used their economy for their own rigidity and disunity and Muslim rulers never pay attention to root reforms of Islam.

Edhi’s life is full of humanity. Core principle of life by Edhi is one of the best to practice. Everyone should follow these principle to be successful.

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