An Intent To Become A Good Public Speaker #Just Start Project

“If you can speak you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives”.(Rob Brown, 2013)

I have dream to be a good public speaker. I have a fear that“ What other people will think about me when i will speak out this”.

This fear affected my personal life. I didn’t like to talk in groups and going to strangers event. I am shy and i can say that many of the my teenage years and early twenties were negatively impacted by social phobia, fear to talking other people and being the focus of attention.

I thought many time to improve my personality and confidence to speak other persons clearly. I realized that being afraid of social experiences and public speaking was hurting my ability to enjoy life and to achieve goals but there was no one to motivate me or to accelerate me to do this thing.

So, i have decided to overcome my this fear and to start speaking well. I just start up struggle to speak in public. I am trying to speak well in public and to over come my all fears.

Yes i can do it with Just Start project. I watch different motivational movies and give presentations to tackle my problem. Everyone can become public speaker by struggle .

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