Dom Capuano (born Domenico Capuano), is an Italian-born Los Angeles-based composer, songwriter and music producer

He broke through as a producer and songwriter in the mid to late 1990s after crafting a string of hits for pop artists like the Eiffel 65, Da Blitz, the DJ Gabry Ponte and the German Pop Band of Karmah, also has collaborated with several international artists including: Jean Michel Jarre, Kool & The Gang, Laura Pausini, 883, Max Pezzali, Aqua. Zucchero, Nek, Andreas Johnson, Alphaville, Toni Braxton, S Club 7, Busta Rhymes and more…

Dom studied classical music, mainly the double bass at the G. Verdi Conservatory of Music in Turin Italy. He is also a piano player, composer and orchestral conductor. His musical career is splitted into two different ways, the records industry and the symphonic music.

Since the early 90’s has established itself as a composer and record music producer and is considered a “successful composer on the mainstream” (Italian Cit) due its continuous research in experimental sound.

Over the years he has composed and produced many hits record.

By the beginning of its professional career Dom was involved on a number of records that reached over 20 million sales worldwide, archiving 3 times platinum with over 3 million units sales in the U.S. (certified RIAA), 2 Platinum and 3 gold in Europe with over 1,500,000 copies composing Move Your Body by Eiffel 65, in addition to other awards, reaching over 10 millions of copies worldwide. He also received gold discs with the Da Blitz, Gabry Ponte, Karmah (2 in Germany, 2 in UK, 6 in Italy including for the single “Let Me Be” from the Da Blitz, 1 France, 1 Spain)

In 1993 composed “Let me be” starting up the career of the Da Blitz. (Maximum number 11 position). In 1994 and again for “Take My Way”

As a composer and arranger enters with the Da Blitz repeatedly in the Italian charts with “Let Me Be” and “Stay with Me” which eventually reached the position number 1. The Da Blitz will be in the standings again with the songs “Movin ‘On” (Max Pos # 4) “Take Me Back” (Max Pos # 4), and “I Believe” (Max Pos.#8)

In the 1996 produced the main RMX of “Anima Mia” by the legendary 60’s band of “Cugini di Campagna”

In the 1999 Blue (Da Ba Dee) became a worldwide success and the album of Europop Eiffel 65 was released in US by Universal reaching the Pos #4 of the U.S. charts by selling a total of 3,800,000 copies. Europop was also released worldwide with different record labels including Warner Music and Sony Music.

Eiffel 65 project received good reviews in the U.S. press getting the Grammy Awards Nomination in the 2001, also in the 2000 Move Your Body was performed at the Music Award in Monte-Carlo (France) in front of a VIP hall audience, which was including Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson. In the 2002 few international press identified the market distribution of Eiffel 65 as 15 million units worldwide and over including albums and singles.

In the 2000 and 2001 Dom remixed more the 40 songs for various international artists including “Tout est Bleu” by Jean Michel Jarre which co-produced the song step by step together with Dom.
Dom says that it was a huge honor collaborating with Mr. Jarre and was one of the best satisfaction of his entire life since he studied years before electronic music getting actually Jean Michel Jarre as reference.

Over the years Dom produced also few Remixes for the Italian Pop Band of the 883 including, “Come Mai”, “La Donna, Il Sogno e Il Grande Incubo”, “Gli Anni” credited as Bliss Team and also ”Viaggio al centro del mondo” and the hit “La Regina del Celebrità” credited as Eiffel 65.

Between 2002 and 2005 Dom collaborated with Gabry Ponte producing and writing songs such “The Man in the Moon” and “Depends on You” from the albums “Doctor Jekyll Mr. DJ” and later from the album “Gabry Ponte” was extracted the single “Figli di Pitagora” performed by Italian Rock’n’ Roll Legend “Little Tony”. Both Albums were released by Universal Italy and both reached the top of the national rankings.

in the 2005 with Gabry Ponte, Dom produced the band of “Karmah” which experienced some success in several European countries mainly in Germany reaching the top national rank at the pos #5 with the cover of the SOS Band’ named “Just Be Good to Me” which was produced using a sample from the song “Every Breath You Take” by The Police.

During this period Dom began considering to consolidate his dream to compose music for flm early in the 2006 starting to improve his skill as composer and orchestrator. He composed the TV theme for “Ninja Turtles”, “You Can Call Me, Giò!” an Italian version of Ugly Betty produced by Disney. Dom scored also the main theme for several country of the anime “Pokemon” and later in 2006 the soundtrack for the short film “Calibro 70” directed by Alessandro Rota.

In the summer 2007 Dom met the Dari a Emo-Punk band starting an artistic collaboration as artistic producer and co-writer, and a little later in February 2008 they achieves a success with the song “Wale (Tanto Wale)” signing a record deal with EMI Italy. After the success of Wale with Dari the label Fondazione Sonora/EMI received some awards including: Award of the 2008 Meeting of Independent Labels, The Video Clip Italian Prize in 2008 as” Video revelation of the Year with Wale by Dari which also won 2 MTV TRL Awards such the “Best New Artist” in the 2008 and in the 2009 for “Best Look”.

In the 2008 Dom with Dario Pirovano co-written “Non Pensavo” performed by Dari and Max Pezzali an Italian pop-star singer.

In the 2010 Capuano has produced the “Salentino” Rock band of the “Fonokit”. In the same year he completed his studies of music and orchestral conductor, this gave him the motivation to move in USA to follow and pursue his passion for movie and film score.

After archived the Master in Music in the 2010 and in the late 2011–2012 has moved in Los Angeles to improve his experience and follow his dream as film composer scoring the music for the movie “The Sleeping Warrior” and later in the 2012 the soundtrack for “Solid State” starring Vivica A. Vox which was distributed worldwide in digital and phisical with various label.

In the 2013 Dom composed music for TV series including “Lourdes” documentary and “Devil Ride” for Discovery Channel.

In 2014 composed the score for “Beautiful Destroyer” and later in the 2015 Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion a film that tells the story and vicissitudes of the rise to the throne of the future King of England Richard I “The Lionheart” son of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Directed by Stefano Milla it was nominated on a bunch of festivals winning several for “Best Film” and also for “Best Score”.

In the same year Dom produced the song “All Over” which was featuring by Busta Rhymes.

The 2015 is the time to score the movie Branded directed by Phil Gorn starring the London twins, Jeremy and James London known for several TV series that brought them to prominence in the ’90s, in addition in Branded starring the presence of Christopher Showerman famous for his roles in the past “Tarzan” in “George of the jungle” by Disney.

In the same year 2016 after winning several international festivals the movie Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion got a distribution with STUDIOCANAL one of the bigger independent film distributors worldwide.

After a deep work of revisitation and remastering In the late of 2016 the movie “Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion” got a distribution with SONY Pictures which released the film in the U.S. and North America. on June 2, 2017.

In February 2017 Dom scored the Italian short film “L’ora di Lezione” (“The Hour of Lesson”) a story from a book of famous best seller writer Massimo Recalcati starring Giulio Base a well known actor which is starring in the new upcoming film of Ridley Scott “All the Money in the World” (2017). “L’ora di Lezione” won several festivals including the Mediterranean Film Festival.

Still In the 2017 Dom scored the film “Kingdom of Gladiators, the Tournament” starring the hero of the WWF and WWE wrestling walk of fame star Solofa Fatu Jr. nicknamed Rikishi.

The sport brand “New Era Caps” for the new season 2017–2018 features in the new on-line advertising the composition score “The Battle is in Your Hands”.

As always Dom produces a bunch of new electronic tracks such “Won’t You Be Mine” featuring Krystle Simmons and “Guns And Roses” featuring IAGO which is distributed worldwide on various platforms.