Inspired by the voices of Nas, CNN, Mobb DEEP and a few others, Streets developed his own lyrical style @streets1984

#musicmoney artist Streets from New York city has taken the hip hop world by storm with his mastered lyrical style. Bringing back originality and skill into the rap arena. Unsigned, and now residing in Los Angeles California, Streets grew up rap battling in the East Coast streets, and created a huge buzz with his powerful street banga titled street credibility. Street credibility was Streets’s introduction to recording vocals on a track. Growing up in the toughest of neighborhoods of New York city and New Jersey. He lived through the street life hustlin’ and being incarcerated for years at a time. Now creating a buzz on social media with his hit song titled save the music, for sale on iTunes and other digital platforms. This is a song that explains some of the differences between the new hip hop and the golden era of hip hop from which he came from. Inspired by the voices of Nas,CNN, Mobb DEEP and a few others, Streets developed his own lyrical style. Mand talks about his life and situations that hes been through and endured in the streets.from the street aspect to love and relationship songs to political songs. His debut album Born In The Game (unreleased) is being talked about being the most hip hop and influential album since Nas Illmatic. Most songs have been written, produced, engineered and recorded and performed by himself. Streets has come a long way from the gritty streets to creating a great sound. Through trial and era of getting it just right. From the streets to the booth.

Bringing raw talent back to the game streets has shown that he can hang with best of lyricists in the game. Having 3 albums recorded including remixes, Streets is ready to show the world that true genuine hip hop is still among us. You can check out his music at “In 5 years i plan on being a signed artist spreading my voice to the world”.