Dungeons and Dragons is arguably one of the most popular tabletop games out there. There’s a very high chance that you’ve at least heard of it. Although it’s seen as nerdy, there’s a lot more to D&D than meets the eye. It’s actually excellent for team-building, both personally and professionally. I’m here to shed some light and hopefully put a positive spin on one of the best team-building exercises out there.

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Dungeons & Dragons tabletop, with a map and tokens.

Not Just For Nerdy Kids

In the past, there’s been a stigma against D&D due to its reputation as a hobby for nerds. The stories would portray D&D as a nerdy board-game for kids who have no friends or are socially inept. …

This is a reupload of an old presentation I’ve made in graduate school. Although it’s a bit dated, I believe the logic (and creativity) behind it still applies.

JavaScript is a linear language, so every line is usually read one after another in sequential order from top to bottom. It can be great for organizing your code and having a sort of order.

However, it can also be a PITA, since sometimes, certain events might happen before we have a chance to even listen to them with Event Listeners. Event Listeners are better for things like keypress events and mouse clicks. …

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Image source: https://afrogleap.com/development/how-to-learn-react-native/

What even is React?

React is a very powerful JavaScript library that can do a lot of amazing things. A lot of websites and apps are using it these days, especially Facebook — after all, they are the ones who made it. Similar to Angular, React allows you to smoothly make changes to the DOM without having to refresh the entire page. It lets you to create an interactive UI and manage it seamlessly by updating only the components that to be updated as their data changes. It also makes your “code more predictable and easier to debug.”

Nitty Gritty

JavaScript on its own is already fairly great and powerful, but there are so many things that it can’t do on its own (at least without writing a lot more code than most developers would like to deal with), therefore requiring libraries, plug-ins, and the like. Thankfully, React is a library that is very easy to install. However, it is written in a slightly different flavour called JSX — JavaScript XML. As the name suggests, it adds XML syntax to JavaScript in order to write React. …


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