AMO CA Launch — Partnering with Microsoft!

Hey hey hey AMO Fam :)

I hope all of you have been enjoying a lot of amazing news that we’ve been sharing with you over the weeks! We are constantly on our toes, striving hard to bring greater value for our AMO community and to make all of our visions come into place. With that being said, I want to make another grand announcement — something that our engineers have been ambitiously working on day and night!

Drum roll please…………🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

🎉AMO CA Beta🎉 is officially released!

AMO CA is a cloud-based certificate authority service that allows users to easily issue certificates and manage queries, renewals, and revocations. It serves as a purpose to provide a safe environment for all data exchange and transactions. From IoT device manufacturers, to IoT service providers, and to developers all wishing to strengthen security of existing IoT products — simple certificate issuance and management is available for all the above and anyone else in need.

To put it in a simple diagram, this is how AMO CA works:

AMO CA beta version issues X.509, fully optimized for IoT devices and will be utilized for the AMO Data Collector, once the product is release. The safety and security of your valuable car data collection will definitely be well taken care of! :D

With AMO CA being Korea’s very first cloud service to issue certifications for IoT devices, it is significant to point out that we had collaborated with Microsoft to complete this system. In other words, the issued certificates will be configured to Azure automatically! For instance, if your IoT refrigerator is registered on MS Azure’s IoT Hub, you can easily check for AMO CA certification issued for your fridge.

With the support of Microsoft, we have more aspiring plans that’s coming up in your way. For more details on what is to come, do check out our AMO CA website and make sure to check out the video clip that we have created for your better understanding!

Til next time,

AMO Team