AMO Coins Used for Electric Vehicle Power Charge?!

Hello dear AMO Fam :)

We have an amazing announcement to make! AMO Team has partnered with Geo-Line! Through this alliance we will be gathering massive amount of car data, as well as setting up a transaction system for electric vehicles battery charge. In other words, AMO Coins will be utilized when making payments for power charging electric vehicles!

Geo-Line holds a high recognition in providing world’s first mobile charging-payment service for electric vehicles. Its advanced technology allows easy and fast charging for all electric vehicles with AC outlets at home, companies, public areas and just about anywhere!

This is how it works; their “PLUG & PAY” is a 7m-long power charging cable that enables users to carry it around and conveniently charge their electric cars in any setting that has an outlet. The cable is compatible with all electric vehicles as well as outlets. The small monitor attached to it, records and shows how much power it has used, and that exact data is sent to the electricity company so that you can pay the electricity bills. Pretty cool, huh? :)

Geo-Line’s Plug & Pay is not only a huge breakthrough for the users, but also plays a major role in minimizing greenhouse gas emission. So it’s no wonder that they have partners like LG U+, GS, Daewoo, KB Bank and more to back up their business and visionary plans!

Through this partnership, Geo-Line will take part in providing car data, while AMO plans to support the security of Geo-Line with AutoCrypt. In addition, we will discuss ways for us to incorporate AMO Coins into their business :)

AMO is working hard to bring together AMO Market for the better of the entire car industry. So your continuous support and loyalty means a lot for all of us! Please stay tuned to find more updates on what our team members are up to :D

Til next time!
- AMO Team

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