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I share similar sentiments.

I personally like writing fiction but I have observed that what mostly works here are life lessons, personal achievement stories, technology and startup related articles.

it’s not just endemic to Medium it’s true for Quora too. You ask anything that cannot be answered with a relatable personal story or anecdote. nobody well care about it, not the ones who want to read not the ones who write.

I think, a lot of it depends on what kind of content culture is developed on the platform early on. Look at Reddit, tumblr, Quora or say Medium — the kind of culture that is embraced early on controls what will work there despite the makers making it seem like a generic content platform.

This is a reason why Google+ never got what it wanted to be. They were desperately forcing Google users to leave Facebook continue with their social networking habits here but it never worked so all you had was Google employees and Google fanboys like me on the platform writing about Google and tech which in turn was driving other kind of content consumers away — classic chicken and the egg problem.

Back to Medium — It is still in its nascent stage and the concept of publications is a chance to attract all kind of content while letting Medium be just a medium. Pun intended.

Let’s not give up on it yet. Let’s keep on trying. I love writing fiction. I found publications that accept those and I have started contributing there. Started my own publication for others looking for similar opportunities too.

I am not going to give up, I will write. I will publish. I hope I attract few green little hearts on the way.

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