Eleventh Week of GSoC @ OpenMRS

This week, I revisited my feature and added test case for enhancement that I made in the last week. Since next week is the last week, I’m continue to test the feature and looking for possible improvements that I can make to my feature.

Below is get patients by id operation generated automatically by the swagger SDK generator.

* Build call for patientIdGet
* @param id Id of the Patient resource (required)
* @param progressListener Progress listener
* @param progressRequestListener Progress request listener
* @return Call to execute
* @throws ApiException If fail to serialize the request body object
public com.squareup.okhttp.Call patientIdGetCall(String id, final ProgressResponseBody.ProgressListener progressListener, final ProgressRequestBody.ProgressRequestListener progressRequestListener) throws ApiException {
Object localVarPostBody = null;
// create path and map variables
String localVarPath = "/Patient/{id}"
.replaceAll("\\{" + "id" + "\\}", apiClient.escapeString(id.toString()));
List < Pair > localVarQueryParams = new ArrayList < Pair > ();
List < Pair > localVarCollectionQueryParams = new ArrayList < Pair > ();
Map < String, String > localVarHeaderParams = new HashMap < String, String > ();
Map < String, Object > localVarFormParams = new HashMap < String, Object > ();
final String[] localVarAccepts = {
final String localVarAccept = apiClient.selectHeaderAccept(localVarAccepts);
if (localVarAccept != null) localVarHeaderParams.put("Accept", localVarAccept);
final String[] localVarContentTypes = {
final String localVarContentType = apiClient.selectHeaderContentType(localVarContentTypes);
localVarHeaderParams.put("Content-Type", localVarContentType);
if (progressListener != null) {
apiClient.getHttpClient().networkInterceptors().add(new com.squareup.okhttp.Interceptor() {
public com.squareup.okhttp.Response intercept(com.squareup.okhttp.Interceptor.Chain chain) throws IOException {
com.squareup.okhttp.Response originalResponse = chain.proceed(chain.request());
return originalResponse.newBuilder()
.body(new ProgressResponseBody(originalResponse.body(), progressListener))
String[] localVarAuthNames = new String[] {};
return apiClient.buildCall(localVarPath, "GET", localVarQueryParams, localVarCollectionQueryParams, localVarPostBody, localVarHeaderParams, localVarFormParams, localVarAuthNames, progressRequestListener);
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