Day 2:

Walking through git, finally, yaay!!!

I had read all there is to read about it, but I just couldn’t figure it out. I went ahead and created an account hoping I would get it along the way, but only went as far as creating an empty repository and I had no idea what to do with it. So I couldn’t wait for this day.

And it did not disappoint. At first there was a lot of mumbo jumbo: version control, commit, backtrack, initialize, etc. I knew for me talk is as good as passing wind until I actually get to do it myself. And I got to practice it under the instructions of our trainers. I had my learning moments, e.g only folders are initialized, not files. I knew that after I had initialized my entire desktop, hehe.

Inasmuch as I was waiting for the practical session, I really wished the morning session was a bit more structured, and that we’d go through the concepts step by step. Most of the time questions would be asked that had us shooting from ground zero, past the sky and all the way to the stars. I would be left at ground zero looking at the shooting star trying to figure out where it went. Eventually I’d sit back and wait for it to come back. I am glad it did.

I also learnt a way of improving my code, thanks Nandaa. And I had a go at it with the interview question. Look at this:

Three lines for my six. Cool, isn’t it?