Thank you so much for writing this up.
Nate Powers

Hi Nate,

I am glad that you found this article valuable. Honestly, with regard to distributed systems, understanding the core concepts is good enough for most cases (unless you plan to work on a mobile storage solution in which case you would need to dive deeper of course). If you haven’t already, read the data consistency and caching primers from the Microsoft cloud architecture patterns book:

Also, one thing that I didn’t mention in this article and that is very important is memory management (I am going to edit the article now). Understanding how garbage collectors work, the difference between the different type of references (strong, SoftReference, WeakReference, PhantomReference) as well knowing when and why memory leaks happen; is something that will serve you well as an Android software engineer.

Best of look in your learning adventure and don’t hesitate to come back to me if you have any further questions.

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