Advertisement: SONIC fast food

  1. What visual effects are used to define location? the sign and video of men near there cars
  2. What sound effects are used to define action? the fact that the men are drinking sonic drinks
  3. What type of format is used? there were 4 main shots and it conveyed that
  4. Write a brief synopsis of the ad (three or four sentences at most). This ad was shot at a sonic fast food restaurant. Two adult men are having a conversation about the food and have a number of sonic milkshakes on their car to make the scene look obnoxious. The men continue having a conversation with dramatic responses about the deals Sonic is having.
  5. What is the target market of the ad? The target market is young millennial who want to consume more than their fair share of fast food
  6. What benefits are offered by the ad? The ad presents a lot of good information about the deals that are offered.
  7. Is there a call to action in the ad? The call to action is to get in your car and get Sonic’s food before the deals are over.
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